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Bahama Full Home Remodel

Pinot Noir Kitchen

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Lexington Kitchen W/ Subway Tile

North Myrtle Beach House

“Juparana Sucuri” Granite Kitchen

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Greystone Chocolate Glaze Kitchen

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Pebble Beach Quartz Kitchen

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Danbury Style with Oyster Glaze

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Oversized Custom Showers

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Ladies Bathroom Renovation

Prince & Sons, Inc. – Durham NC Home Remodeling Company

Prince & Sons, Inc. is one of many general contractors in Durham, NC. The standards to which we hold ourselves is far from the status quo, however. We are dedicated to providing the best experience for our clients through efficient project execution, an open line of communication, and by establishing personal relationships. This allows us to better translate and dissect our clients’ ideas and inspirations into tangible reality. Through our experiences, we have learned that translating a client’s thoughts into a finished product can be a challenge, which is why we incorporate modern technologies such as 3D modeling, scheduling, and CAD-based systems into the preliminary stages of our projects. These modern technologies minimize unforeseen contingencies in the latter stages of a project, while also allowing clients to decide if and when they are ready to move forward.

Importance of a Licensed General Contractor

While shopping the market for a general contractor, it is important to first recognize if the project will truly require the services of a GC. A homeowner will typically hire a general contractor if the project is large enough that it requires the coordination of many different trades or if the project is complicated and expensive enough that they will want a knowledgeable representative to ensure that their job is being executed properly with their best interests in mind. An example of this would be bathroom or kitchen renovation. A general contractor will accept the responsibility of negotiation of prices with all trade providers. They will undertake the preparation of construction plans, obtain permits, complete the loose ends that fall outside of a specific tradesmen’s task, and procure proper, quality materials. They will also ensure that construction debris is properly disposed of, schedule inspections and communicate with inspectors, all while maintaining job site safety and cleanliness to the client’s standards. This requires competency in a wide variety of applicable knowledge that the average homeowner may not possess or have the time to invest in learning. Hiring a GC does come at an additional cost, so it is important to recognize if your project will require these services. Undertaking a large-sized project can be overwhelming and unnecessarily stressful to the homeowner. Hiring a general contractor to manage the project allows the client the freedom to focus on the end result. Having one person, the general contractor, to communicate with eliminates any important omissions that may be overlooked. Clients often will find the investment to be worth every penny by the time a project is complete. Please consider Prince & Sons, Inc. for your upcoming project.

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